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Service Measurements

Service Measurements


Service Measurements

Service flow measurement capability

  • Measurements on flow boxes and cylinder heads for Tumble, Swirl, flow coefficients
  • Measurements on air conducting components for flow coefficients
  • Special flow analysis such as flow distribution
  • Wide range from cars, motorcycles up to light duty covered

Port development competences

  • Port development at gasoline and diesel engines
  • Adjustment of Tumble, Swirl, flow coefficients according to customer requirements
  • In-house prototyping incl. design work (using the same CAD systems as our clients)
  • Geometry optimization of valves, valve seats, …
  • CFD Simulation

Flow Box

Single cylinder head

Multi cylinder head

Air Filter & Box


Exhaust systems

Added Value

  • Get professional flow measurements w/o owning a Flow Test Bench
  • Fast and demand responsive on short notice
  • Confidential data handling
  • Cost-efficient
  • Flexible for any flow test task
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