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Flow Test Benches

For cylinder head and peripheral components (Swirl, Tumble, flow rate) based on momentum principle or Particle Image Velocimetry (laser optic)

Service measurements

•[nbsp] Swirl
•[nbsp] Tumble
•[nbsp] Flow coefficient
•[nbsp] Special applications

Port development and optimization

•[nbsp] Design
•[nbsp] Prototypes
•[nbsp] CFD simulation
•[nbsp] Flow testing

Support, service and training

World wide support:
•[nbsp] Maintenance service
•[nbsp] Calibration service
•[nbsp] Training
•[nbsp] Spare parts
•[nbsp] Helpline

Development and fabrication

Customized test equipment and special purpose machinery[nbsp]

Prototypes and models

For handling and function tests as well as for flow development[nbsp]

Engineering services

CAD, FEM, CFD[nbsp]for powertrain systems (Internal Combustion Engine, Transmission, E-Drive, Batterie, Fuel Cell)

AVL Tippelmann

Flow Test Bench Solutions

Research & Development

Flow Test Benches (Momentum)
for Research and Development

Quality Check

Flow Test Benches (Momentum)
for Quality Check

Production Check

Flow Test Benches (Momentum)
for Production Check


Customized Flow Test Benches

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